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Q — Can I send you any picture?
A — Yes, so long as you own it or have the legal right to reproduce it and we can legally print it.

Q — What does legally print it mean?
A — Nude or naked images of children or minors of a sexual nature are illegal to print.

Q — How do I join your My Custom Royalty Picks Program?
A — Any order placed and completed with My Custom Guitar Picks is qualified to be part of the My Custom Royalty Picks Program.

Q —Is there a limit to how many images I can submit for the My Custom Royalty Picks program?
A —Only images you have placed with current or previous orders are qualified for the My Custom Royalty Picks Program.

Q — Do I get a royalty fee for my own reorders if I am in the My Custom Royalty Picks program.
A — No, but you have our thanks, and for every ten orders, by new clients or customers, that are made of your image(s) we will send you a free set (16 picks, single sided or 8 picks, double sided) of your My Custom Royalty Picks.

Q — Why do My Custom Royalty Picks cost more than submitting my own image?
A — My Custom Royalty Picks have additional fees to cover the costs of creating them.

Q — What do you mean by "Point Left, Right, Up, Down or Either."
A — "Point Left, Right" is specific to the guitar player who will use the pick. Depending on what hand you hold your guitar pick with, will determine the placement of the image so that the image faces up when you hold the guitar pick in your pick hand. Up or Down can be used by either left handed or right handed guitar players. The deciding factor will be what works best for the image you are sending us. Either means you do not care about the direction of the image as it appears on the pick. The Either option is more for picks that are for keepsakes, being given away as promotional items or being sold by you to your fans or customers.

Q — Can I sell my, My Custom Guitar Picks, even if I don't join the My Custom Royalty Picks program?
A — Yes.

Q — Can I sell the, My Custom Royalty Picks I buy from your website?
A — Yes.

Q — How much can I sell My Custom Guitar Picks or My Custom Royalty Picks for?
A — You can sell the picks you have purchased for whatever price makes you happy and your fans or customers are willing to pay.


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