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All guitar picks shown on the My Custom Guitar Picks website are original My Custom Guitar Picks. Our clients have granted us permission to display their My Custom Guitar Picks on our website. If you see a guitar pick on the website you would like to purchase and it is not listed among the My Custom Royalty Picks for sale, please do let us know and we will find out if our client would like to add the pick to our collection of My Custom Royalty Picks so that you may purchase it.

We at My Custom Guitar Picks believe it is important to know the quality of what you are purchasing so that you may order with confidence. The following two videos have been provided by two of our clients. If you would like your My Custom Guitar Picks featured on our website please email us at the email address on your receipt for details.

Single Sided Guitar Pick

Single Sided Guitar Picks
Double Sided Guitar Pick

Double Sided Guitar Picks

Client Picks

About Client Picks